Saturday, May 15, 2010

A few thoughts...

First, I hope you enjoyed seeing a few corners of my home. We have had some showings, but nothing promising yet.

Secondly, if you haven't noticed already, I have done a little house cleaning at this ole blog. My hubby recently spent quite some time fixing my computer. Seems my blog hopping and link clicking got me in a world of trouble with computer viruses. Not knowing where or how, I have decided to not have my blogroll anymore. Now this doesn't mean I won't stop your blogs anymore. That is so not the case. I still check in each morning to see what everyone is up to. I just won't be doing a lot of clicking and surfing around is all.

Lastly, I hope to share a few sewing things with you later this week. I have had some ideas rolling around, but didn't have the mojo to sew them up and share.

Hope everyone has a good week.Pin It Now!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Come on in and take a tour of ....


Come on in.

I am so glad y'all stopped by. If you frequent my blog, then you will know we are moving. We finally got our home on the market and I am so happy....for two reasons. One, because the house is always clean and tidy. LOVE THAT! ...and two because we are looking foward to heading out for a new adventure. So grab yourself a cup of sweet tea and stroll on through a few corners of my home.

First up is our bedroom. Not anything fancy, but it's comfy for us.

Here is another view

Before I learned how to quilt I became a collector of quilts. I have so many different ones to change out in this room along with bedskirts as well. My favorite quilt for this bed though is the toile quilt you see on the bed. I usually pair it up with a black and white gingham check bedskirt, but liked the looks of this against the furniture.

Next up is our master bath. One of the things that we loved about this house were the DOUBLE SINKS!! Oh yeah baby. We were excited about double sinks after having shared a sink for many years.

Another plus of this bathroom is the natural light that comes through the picture windows. There is also a stand up shower, loo with a door, and the soaker tub you see here. Sad to say, we hardly ever used the soaker tub.

Look at this score I got at a garage sale around the corner from our house. In keeping with the french country feel, I thought this would look lovely to hold our toiletries. It's a pedastal silver tray. See that sweet, white edged hankerchief on there??? I got the tray and six of those hankerchiefs for $4.00. The lady that sold them to me said she actually used them to you know, blow her nose. I said I couldn't dream of blowing my nose in them. They are too pretty.

I never shared my kitchen with you or our family room. Let's look at those next. Again, nothing fancy, but it does the job for me. I love red if you haven't noticed. I have little touches of it here and there all over the house. If you look there on the island, that is usually where I am blogging from.

To the left of the island, you will find the breakfast nook area as well as the french doors that lead out to the deck. Then keep going left and you will find our family room. Love this type of layout where the kitchen opens up to the family room. It makes for great entertaining and we love to entertain.

Moving on to the family room you will see more red and another quilt.

Here are a few more views.

Come back tomorrow and I will share the childrens rooms and the foyer. I am hoping to sometime today paint that piece my hubby made for me a few years ago. Maybe you all can help me with a vignette to display on it.

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A new blog and a house tour...

Hi everyone!

Our house is finally on the market. I will be sharing a house tour with you later this morning.... MINE! The house is so clean. I love it! Every room is looking lovely. You see we live in every room of our home, so they are usually LIVED IN. Only drawback is any time we go out of the house we need to make sure the beds are made and there are no dishes in the sink blah blah blah. Now, you probably think that is not a big deal, but when you are in a rush to head out somewhere you aren't thinking about that stuff. So be sure to check back later this morning to see.

In the meantime I want you to welcome Kristine to blogland. She just started up her blog....

Hop on over there and say G'day to her and give her blog a looksee. She has a beautiful home and you will be amazed at what she does with a small space.Pin It Now!