Monday, January 28, 2008

Did some sewing this weekend

I am so amazed by the wonderful bloggers out their that take the time to put tutorials together and post them with wonderful directions and pictures. I am even more amazed when the same bloggers go through the trouble to make a pattern to share with a bunch of novice sewers like myself. Linda over at Craft Apple is one of these folks. I you haven't seen her blog, you have to go take a look. She is a super sweet person to boot. What more could you ask for? Several months ago I ordered a couple of patterns from her and wasn't able to try them out until this weekend. I stumbled on her blog a few months ago and fell in love with those cute patchfolios she makes. I just had to have the pattern so I could have a go at it and see if I could make one. This Saturday, I gave it a go. Her pattern was fabulous. She writes wonderfully clear directions and diagrams and she had pattern pieces for you to cut out as well. Take a look at my patchfolio. It has its flaws and my pattern combo isn't as good as hers, but I was happy with the result so much so that I am planning on making more.
Here is a link to Linda's blog.
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Braved the zipper!

I braved sewing on a zipper today. I originally was wanting to make a wristlet, but didn't have enough of the same fabric. I decided to use a double sided quilted placemat I got for 98 cents on clearance at Target. It was enough I was braving the zipper, I didn't want to have to do a lining too. Baby steps, right?Here is a pic of the finished zippered bag. It's not perfect, but I intend on making a couple more tonight. Practice makes perfect...or say they say.

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On blogging

Well, blogging is harder than I thought. I am finding that my time is very little to quilt, sew or blog. Hopefully life will slow down a bit and I can crank some stuff out to post and share.

I have been inspired by so many blogs in blogland to sew and to quilt. There are some very talented women out there. I thank all of you who have been gracious enough to share a tutorial or a pattern on things. Thanks to the gal over at I am gonna try to sew on a zipper. I love the wristlets and zippered bags that folks have been making, but I am so afraid to sew on a zipper. This gal at never-bored makes it look achieveable. So, that is next on my sewing list to do. If it looks halfway decent, I will post it.

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Here is a pic of a quilt that I made with instructions from Happythings blog. She has a great tutorial for baby quilts that use chenille and teaches you step by step how to put one together and tie it.

This quilt is one for my bil and his wife. They just had twins. I only have one quilt done. It has yet to be tied. Here is a pic of the pieced front and a pic of the backing. I backed it with fleece. All i Need to do is tie it.

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Corners of my home

Redid my dining room this summer. Bought new furniture and curtains and painted and had some laminate installed. Here is what it looks like now.
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Went on a wonderful cruise over the holiday to the Bahamas and witnessed this beautiful sunset. My dear husband challenged each of us to come up with a poem for it. Here is mine and a pic of the beautiful sunset for you to see .

Dancing blue waters
Reflecting the sun
Glistening endlessly
As we sail our way home
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Welcome to my blog. I am glad you stopped by to visit.

I have been inspired by so many blogs this past year. I have decided to start my own.

Here you will find all things quilting, crafting, and decorating with a few delicious recipes thrown in here and there. There will be swaps, challenges, and quilt alongs. Check back often as I will have new things for you to view.

CherylPin It Now!