Monday, June 27, 2011


I am wanting to sprinkle a little Americana around the house for the July 4th weekend.  I have some ideas in mind that I am hoping to show you all later in the week.

In the meantime, I have been wanting to make my family room a little more cottagey.  I have been playing over at

Here is a board I came up with.


I have been talking about slipcovering my wing chair and english chair forever!  I am thinking maybe in denim.  Not sure.  We'll see if I can find some on sale.  I also would like to change out my side tables.  We have square ones that are pretty functional and unique, but I think there is too much squareness going on in this room and I think that round rattan table would work so much better.  Not to mention bring in some texture.  Next up I  think we are in need of a console table behind the sofa.  Right now we have a really nice Woolrich coffee table behind that has shelving; but I am looking for something a little more sofa height.  I really like the style of the one above as it has drawers and a shelf.  I like the shelf so that I can put some baskets on it.  I desperately need some storage baskets to house everyones junk that they leave  lying around.  One for each family member.  I am constantly finding myself cleaning up everyones junk before I house clean and this would be great to have to just throw everything in it's respective container and clean away.  I also like the top surface for lamps and  as a decorative space.  What do you think of those white dipped baskets up there?  They are different.  Love that.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Wouldn't you love to host an outdoor summer soiree with some close friends? 

If it wasn't so oprressively hot here in Louisiana, I would love to host an outdoor summer soiree.  The hubs and I like easy entertaining.  To us, that means, a laid back casual atmosphere.  We want folks to come in and feel right at home and kick their shoes off and enjoy the food, fun and the fellowship.

So, the first thing I would think of would be the menu.  We typically like to provide the drinks and the main dish and let our guests bring the side dishes or desserts.  This way everyone feels they have contributed; not to mention it's a great way to share recipes.

So what do you think about outdoor summer entertaining?  Would you be more apt to do it if you had everthing ready to go and didn't have to shop?  I know I would.   I would like to introduce you to
Diane of   She recently  wrote a post on how to be "party ready." 

Click the link below to get the low down on the picture below.  Diane shares with you what she stocks in her party basket,  improptu tips and some printables.

                                    photo by:  Diane of

Once you are done reading about being party ready, you will have to check out her tutorial on her outdoor candle lanterns.  I am telling you , this gal is clever .  Take a look at this outdoor lantern.
                                               photo by: Diane of

Isn't it chic? Doesn't it look high end?   It's so much more attractive than those tiki torches with the citronella candles that we all  tend to use.  Click the link below to see how she made it.  You won't believe it.

You can't leave Diane's blog without taking her home tour.  She has a lovely home.  The photos she shares are pure eye candy and you will be inspired.  As a matter of fact, as I was looking at her home tour, I fell in love  with these french enameled numbered tags.


If you have been coming to my blog any length of time you know I  love typography and anything with numbers. Lately,  I also have been drawn to  anything french related.  I have adored  the french enameled tags I have been seeing all over the blogosphere, but just knew I couldn't afford them.   So , imagine my surprise when I was perusing her side bar and saw she had a tutorial on how to make those numbered tags.    I plan on making some of these.  If you would like the tutorial here is the link.

                                                                       photo by Diane of    

Grab a cuppa ice cold sweet tea and pop on over to Diane's blog  and tell her Cheryl sent ya.

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Thursday, June 09, 2011


Just sharing a little linky love with you all.  I have been surfing blogs the past couple of days to get inspired and have come across some very cool stuff.

Check out how to make your own DIY matchbox over at

I thought this was so clever.  This would make a great gift with other grilling accessories for Dad on Father's Day.

Then, stop by Stephanie Lynn's
She will share a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own DIY canvas.  Another great idea for a Fgather's Day gift.  Be sure to check out her sidebar for tutorials for all the other cool projects she has done.

Lastly, I love totes and purses and generally any kind of bag or bin that you can store things in.  I fell in love with the details of this bag. below.

photo by Megan at

I also love anything with ticking on it.  Doesn't matter what color ticking.  If you like this bag, she gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to make it.  Isn't she sweet?
click the link below to take you to the tutorial for the bag.

Heading out to visit family so I will be out of pocket next week.
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Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I have sort of a trip tych of sorts for you.

The first photo is of our an orange growing on our orange tree just after a morning rain.  The next shot is of a zinnia in our garden and the very last shot is a pic of our birdbath in our backyard.  I was looking for insteresting things that had good composition.

I loved the orange with the drops of water on it and was trying my hardest to capture the drops so that they were crisp.  The zinnia I loved for its intense color and beauty.  I liked the birdbath for the way the leaf was lying in there and all the texture in that photo.

I hope you enjoy my sweet shots and when you are done looking, please hop on over to Darcy's and check out the others.  I amazed by all the sweet shots each week.  Just click on the box below.

Sweet Shot Day

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