Monday, February 01, 2010

It's National Pie Month....

No, wait, it's National Soup month.....LOL, who thinks all of this stuff up???

In the spirit of both, I have a link for you to whet your appetite .

First up is a recipe for Chocolate Pie. I know, aren't you just salivating at reading that??? I love Chocolate Pie. When we lived in NC we ate Chocolate Pie at a local place in town and when we moved away I was never able to duplicate or find it anywhere. Until now! Y'all, have to check out Tina over at

She not only has this wonderful chocolate pie recipe, but many others.

Next up is Serena. You might of seen this book. I had the pleasure of reading through this book recently. Lots of great recipes and wonderful eye candy. She and Teri share their stories of growing up. There are a few ideas and directions for projects as well. My fave recipe in the whole book is the Turkey and Wild Rice soup recipe that Serena shared. You have to try it. It's a keeper. You will also have to to either check this book out at the library or purchase it to get the recipe. Sorry for the tease. I don't want to overstep any copyrights here. It truly is a delicious soup and it's a tried and true recipe. These kind of recipes happen to be my favorite because I know when I follow the recipe it will taste delicious.
So, there you have it! Now go make some soup and pie!Pin It Now!


time worn interiors said...

Thanks for coming over for a visit! Hope to see you again in the near future!

Gen said...

i just posted a recipe for soup how funny lol and i just joined a swap with the farm chicks for valentines day great group of women over there. HOpe you're keeping warm I'm ready to do some thawing out LOL

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Now I need to get that book. I think Im the only blogger who doesnt own a copy...awwww~

Sue said...

I'm getting hungry just reading your post!