Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hi All!  Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer.  I have been busy here pretty much taking the summer off.  My posts were scarce.

I decided to take the summer off.  I visited with our extended family and spent time with my immediate family an spent some time in the yard.  

School started here for my son.  He is a senior this year and is playing football again.  It will be a  busy year for him and us.  We also sent our daughter off to college. (insert teary eyed mama here.)  We enjoyed spending some time together  at the local antique stores this summer. Sharing sewing ideas and just sitting around watching movies and stuffing our faces with ice cream or some other type of sweet.

I also started back to work.  I work part time with preschool age children.  I enjoy working with them and the flexibility of my schedule.

I am going to be doing a little changing around of things.  I may makeover the blog page and give it a little spice.  I also will only be posting on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  This will allow me time to think up blog posts, complete projects, etc.

Stay tuned because I will be having a giveaway next week!

Have a great day!
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