Saturday, May 05, 2012

::Saturday night fresh baked good::

My family occassionally requires me to make a "fresh baked good" after dinner.  I love to bake and I love to try new recipes. SinceI have gone gluten free I have tried many a gluten free flours and a lot of them had an off after taste and I didn't get that texture and taste I really missed in baked breads, muffins, cakes, etc. that I did with regular flour until now.  Williams-Sonoma carries this flour called C4C.  The abbreviation stands for cup for cup.  So if you have a non gluten free recipe for baking and you want to substitute this gluten free flour you can do it cup for cup.  No adding xanthum gum and all the other stuff most gluten recipes call for.  I am so beyond excited about not only being able to bake again, but also  to eat said baked good!  Here is what the C4C flour looks like

So, did I mention that this flour is a little pricey???  Yeah, well, it is, but I am okay with that because I don't bake every night.  So, I won't plow through this bag like it's toilet paper going out of style. 

Now, onto Saturday nights fresh baked good.

I used to make these when the children were small.  Years ago when we homeschooled we had the opportunity to incorporate field trips into our curriculum.  I loved taking the kids on field trips.  One of our most memorable field trips was to Lariland Farms in Woodbine, MD   A friend of mine and her two kids and my two kids and me all went to pick apples.  Such fun!  My friend and her two kids picked ten pounds of apples and so did we.  We made some apple butter and some apple fritters.  The kids enjoyed that field trip so much that to this day they ask me to make these fritters.  I usually make them in the fall when apples are most prevalent in many varieties, but tonight I was in need of a quick fresh baked good.  Y'all know what I mean when I say instant gratification, right?  I needed to whip something up fast.

Here are the ingredients:

Here are the directions:

Peel your apples and dice them in to chunks (yeah, I know the recipe above says sliced, just ignore that and dice).  Set aside  .  Then  in a  separate bowl mix flour,baking powder and salt.  Then add eggs, milk and the melted fat.  I used unsalted butter.  Then drop the diced apples in the batter and stir until comined.

Next you will need a shallow pan.  I used a skillet .  I poured about a cup of vegetable oil in the pan and turned the heat to medium high.  You will know that your oil is ready if you drop a small bit of batter in the oil and it rises to the top quickly and is golden brown on one side.  I suggest dropping  four small spoonfuls of the apple batter in the skillet at a time.  This way the temperature of your oil doesn't drop too much and you can be sure that the fritters will be cooked on the inside as well.  You will see them start to get golden brown and this is when you turn them over.  Let them cook on that side for about another minute and a half and then drain on a plate with some paper towels.  Sprinkle with powder sugar if you like and enjoy!

Tomorrow I will share a sneek peak of another fresh baked good I made with this new flour. 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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