Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Blogger has been a stinker to me. Sometimes I can get in and post and comment, and sometimes I can't. Today, it's weird. I haven't been able to sign on to my account for along time and I come to my blog and it's signed on already. So absolutely bizarre, I tell you.

Well, since it is freakishly working I guess I will chat a bit about what's been happening here. We've been very busy with school activities and church activities, birthdays and whatever else makes it in.

My darling husband bought me a fabulous digital SLR for Christmas and I didn't start using it until July! I know, that is just ridiculous in and of itself. I have been snapping away and enjoying it. I have been wanting to post pics for a while now, but blogger is so finicky about letting me on. Later today if I am still able to get on, I will post some of the snapshots that I have.

Well, I am off to do the housework and errands.
Have a blessed day all!Pin It Now!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Still looking

Job front is still a no go. Haven't heard back from any of the places I put applications in at. In the process of filling out more applications. So, hopefully something will pan out soon.Pin It Now!

I've been MIA

Sorry I have been MIA. Blogger wouldn't let me in to my blog. I am not sure what all the problems were, but I am able to post now. If you don't see me post again in a long time it's because blogger is being honery again.

I will be posting pics of several things this weekend. Some garden harvest photos, 40th birthday fun and projects that I haven't been able to post due to old camera going on the fritz and learning how to use the new camera.

I will be sharing recipes with you that are family favorites. Would love to hear what your family favorites are as well. Hoping to have some kind of swap and giveaway soon in honor of Fall being in full swing.

Hope everyone is doing well.

CherylPin It Now!