Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I may not have a green thumb when it comes to keeping flowering plants alive, but apparently with the help of my dear husband I can grow vegetables!

Below you will see some of our green beans.
There is a story to that small harvest. We have been looking and waiting for green beans to show up and nothing. Well, the other day my husband pulled back the big leaves to find some green beans. Apparently we have been waiting for this to climb like a vine when in actuality, it is a green bean bush. So, this small harvest will go to hubby's lunch. I will probably saute them up with some garlic and butter and call it a day. Live and learn, eh?

Here is an aerial shot of the tomatoes. I want them to be ripe now so we can have some tomatoe sandwiches.

Here is a front view of one of our pepper plants Next up is a shot of our carrot tops and a view of the cucumber vines. Looks like there will be lotsa cucumbers too! Woohoo!

An older lady friend of mine at church remarried recently and she and her new husband have been downsizing...consolidating her things from her house to his. In the past she has had gardens and canned a lot. She doesn't do this anymore. She will be giving me all her canning equipment. She has jars, lids, rings, and the jar grabber thingie...lol, I am not sure of it's proper name. I just need to purchase the pot with the basket thing in it. I am so excited!

I have been reading up on canning and freezing from a book I checked out at the local library. Next year we will have to plant some strawberries and blueberries so we can make some freezer jam.

Enjoy your day in your little part of the world!


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Purse/Bag cuteness

I was surfing this morning and saw this cool video on Martha Stewarts website on this darling purse.

It's quite cute. Sue, this bag looks similiar to the ones you made. I can't remember if you referenced Martha's site or note. Anyhow, they have a free template online and you can watch the video of her actually putting it together on the show.

Next up in purse cuteness is this purse. Sorry for the not so great pic of it. I purchased it at a local dollar store for only....are you ready for this??? I only purchased it for $8.00 They had other styles and fabric ways at the same price and matching wallets for $4.00 I couldn't believe it, so naturally I had to buy one! Move over Vera Bradley. The purse is just as cute as hers and doesn't cost and arm and a leg.

I also have a pattern to make this style purse. Very easy.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

New Books ....

I would love to be able to purchase these new books that are out. You can never have too many idea and pattern books. This one is Amy Butler's new book that is not out yet, but you can get it at a pre order price from Amazon. I love making homemade baby gifts for new mom's to be and this would be a good book to have in my sewing library.

Here is another one that I would love to have in my library. It's yet another sweet baby pattern book as well. The author of this one is Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader

My birthday is coming up soon, so I may need to put a gift request in...haha!

Tomorrow hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can post pics and I will do a couple of book reviews for you.

Until then, happy sewing!

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Summer time and relaxing....


Sorry I have been away from Blogland for so long. Vacation Bible School took a lot of my time the month of June. I was on the snack committee and had to solicit many local merchants for food for our Friday Family Dinner. Then there was the actual week of VBS and the Family Night Dinner. All went well, but I needed a relaxing few weeks after it was over to just do NOTHING! And I did. It was nice.

The garden is really making me smile. We have lots of tomatoes and peppers, but just not ripe to eat yet. Probably in late August we will see our carrots, and green beans. We started those from seed and I guess they are taking a bit longer to produce the fruit.

I have lots of pics to share,but will do so later. We are about to get hit with a bad storm.

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