Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So, I still have some linen left.  A very little bit. 

I am not sure if I ever mentioned how I acquired it.  Long story short I had an 84 inch linen curtain panel I bought at Target on clearance.  Ended up never using it because our windows here were much longer.

So far, I have made the crochet case holder and the ruler holder that you saw in the previous post and I also made a baby blanket for a new momma at church.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able get a pic of that.  But rest assured it was lovely.  I had backed it with some baby blue chenille.  I loved the feel of the linen and the chenille together.  Hoping to make one for myself to drape over our couch.

If you haven't noticed yet, all my linen projects have been instant gratification projects.  Small projects that I can finish in about an hour.  With the last piece of linen and some scrap fabric I hope to make this.


She used some lovely fabric scraps and I love the measuring tape fabric on there and the button.  But what really makes it sahweet is the word "stitch."  She actually had written this pattern and it was in Australian Homespun magazine.

Hope everyone is having a great week.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011



I shared in a previous post I was at my sewing machine recently and have enjoyed making a few things with some linen.  Finally, some pics to share with you.  I have been wanting to make a crochet needle case for a long while now.  I found an awesome tutoroial a while back and thought I would give it a whirl.   Christina at did a great job with the  tutorial.  I am happy with my crochet case.    I used linen for the outer fabric and  a Glacee paisely print on the inside.  I just love it.  LOL, don't look too close.  I need to practice sewing a straight line some more.

Next project I worked on was a sleeve for my 24 inch quilting ruler.  I am really loving how this turned out a lot.  So much so that I plan to make one for my 45 degree quilting ruler.  I have been wanting to mix media and textiles for sometime now and finally did it.  I am happy with  the outcome of this project and plan to do more mixed media projects in the future.


Lastly, I have some links to share with you.  I have been surfing and have been inspired.  So, thought I would pass on the inspiration.

First up is Christina  from
This gal can quilt and sew up some awesome projects.  As a matter of fact, Christina is the one responsible for the awesome tutorial for the crochet hook case.  Pop buy her blog and be inspired.  If you would like the link for the crochet hook case, click here and click the link provided in the post.

Second, if you haven't heard of Miss Mustard Seed you are in for a treat.  Marian is a sweet, talented gal.  She shares all her wisdom on refinishing furniture that she has found curbside or Goodwill finds, etc.  She also sews.  She has said she doesn't enjoy it much, but she is pretty good at it.  You have to check out her dining room here.

She recently shared part I of her video slipcover series.   Part I is all about piping and how to make it.   Here is the link

Pop over and say "hello" to Marian and grab a cuppa and surf around her blog a bit.

Okay, that's it for a couple of days.  Gonna be a busy week this with normal day to day duties and I am hoping to sew some more.  Later in the week I will share  with you a spot I am hoping to carve out for my creative space.  The mini sewing studio if you will.   Would love to hear your ideas on how I can make the most of this possible space with what I have.

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Monday, February 07, 2011


I had the pleasure of sewing this weekend.  I had some fun making a couple of practical projects with linen.  It's my new fave fabric of choice.  Pair it with a lovely quilting cotton and you got a sweet project.

I had to work later than usual today.  By the time I got home I had to move into mom/wife mode.  We have one down with the flu; one recovering from the flu and two of us still healthy.  Woo hoo!  Let's hope the last two of us stay healthy and don't get the flu.

Long story short by the time I took care of the family there wasn't good light to take pics of my projects.  Hoping to get home on time tomorrow and take some pics of new linen projects to share with you all.

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Thursday, February 03, 2011


My camera lense has been on the fritz of late and that's why you haven't seen any posts with my pics.  I do have some projects that I have jotted down on paper that I have dreamed up.  I would love to sit down and sew them up and make them come to life, but I have been doing a bit of this.  Can you guess what it is???

Soundhole on Cash guitar
If you guessed a guitar you are right.  I signed up to take some lessons.  So, in my spare time I have been practicing.

I have also been doing some reading.  I splurged on myself at Christmas and bought myself this book.
I did a review of this book a while back based on flipping through it at Barnes and Noble.  Well, now I have this baby in my  hot little hands and I gotta tell ya hands down this is the best sewing book I have in my sewing library.  Deborah has  step-by-step photos of what she is explaining and it also comes with a CD as well which has patterns on it.  Very well done.  If you don't have this one in your sewing library, you should. 
We are due for some icy type rain this way....maybe even possibly snow. 
Stay safe  and warm wherever you are .
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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


More commonly referred to as SNOW seems to be on it's way inundating my family and friends.  Everyone out in the midwest and northeast stay safe and warm.

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