Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I thoroughly enjoyed this class and again, I forgot my camera. I really need to just stash it in my purse so I always have it.

A sweet lady named Marilyn taught this class. She was a wonderful teacher and was encouraging us to try and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. I wasn't able to stay for the whole class because I had to get my kids from school. My dh was just flying in from being out of town, so he wasn't able to pick them up so I could finish the class. She knew I had to leave early and so did another lady because of committments so she taught us how to do all the fun stuff . How to make loops, stars, hearts, cabbage roses, triangles. I have to say though ladies. If you are new to free motion quilting and have never done it before like myself it is not as easy at it looks. As you will see by my samples I am posting.

Getting the speed of the foot pedal regulated with the speed of your hands is the key. I haven't mastered that yet LOL. Hopefully when the kids are out of school I can concentrate on practicing.

I should mention that the book Marilyn taught from for the class was this one by Pat Sloan. Check her out on youtube. She has some nice tutorials on there.
So, as I mentioned before I had to leave class a little early. The last hour and half we were to put our new found skills in to practice on a table runner we were to have pieced prior to class. Here is mine. It is all wrinkled from being in my quilt carrier for over a week. It's not the most beautiful of color combos. I have to confess after paying for the class and having to purchase the book, I didn't want to have to purchase fabrics too. So, I swiped what I could from the stash I have.

Once I practice, practice practice and feel confident to free motion on a nicely pieced quilt top, then I will post a finished project. Until then, like Marilyn said, "I can't stress enough to PRACTICE , PRACTICE, PRACTICE!"
Have a blessed day!

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Christina over at Bumblebeebags (you can find her here asked if I would show you an example of Huck Weaving from my craft day at my church. I don't know that I can explain it very well, but you will see from the picture that it is kinda like embroidery or cross stitch, except that you weave through the cloth. The cloth is very soft and yarn is what is used to weave in and out of the cloth to create your design. The needle that is used is very long, but blunt. I gotta tell ya I fell in love with this craft. Very relaxing and instantly gratifying. You start to see results quickly. The gal that showed us how to do it brought in some examples. She had a beautiful blanket done with hunter green yarn and the pattern on the cloth was just gorgeous. She also had a table runner in progress that she was working on. On the table runner she used variegated yarn. Using variegated yarn makes a beautiful end result too. Lotsa contrast. I could just kick myself for not bringing my camera so I would be able to show you pics of that. Here is a link that explains it probably better than I do and has an illustration of how the weaving is done. They also have a link to click to to get some free patterns.

Here is a sample from the class. I don't know if it's my sample or not though. She only had so many samples to use and I shared mine with someone else. Anyhow, you get the idea though. Below the sample is a close up of the cloth. It is called Monks Cloth.

If anyone is ineterested in doing this let me know. The gal teaching it did give me a pattern to use. Also, if anyone reads up on it and decideds to do a project please share. I would love to see your creations.

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What a tease.....

Spring is being such a tease here in the midwest. We have these beautiful days of warm weather and then it's cold again. It's so crazy as it is April and we are all ready for warmer weather.

Even though it has been cool, those warm days have started to jump start things into blooming like crazy around here. Seems the flower...or should I say bulb to plant is tulips. I see them everywhere and in so many colors. I may have to plant some of my own this year so I can see them bloom next year. We are in desperate need of landscaping our home. We have a lot of mulch to put down and some soil to build up grading in some areas. We also have some pulling out of withered things. There is however one bit of color that has brought a smile to my face. These yellow tulips are so lovely. Such a vibrant color. It's the last of three bunches that have bloomed every year. Seems the local rabbit population likes my tulips too. LOL, they didn't eat these this year. Here is another pic of the tulip closeup blowing in the breeze.

Haven't had extended lengths of time to quilt,crochet or sew. I don't have any projects to share that are finished. Still crocheting away on the baby blanket. I did attend my free motion quilting class. Lotsa fun and more on that in another post.
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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Just a "hello"

It was a busy weekend. The kids had things going on sports wise, etc. Spent most of the day at church on Sat. Our ladies ministry had a craft day and it was so much fun. I did glass etching and huck weaving. Huck weaving was soooo much fun. I think I see a new craft addiction in my future. Ha, like I need one. Sunday our choir had a presentation in both services too.

I have several quilts and crochet projects on the burner right now. When things settle down, I would love to try this quilt pattern. I saw a quilt over on Crafster with this pattern, but in different color ways.It's call Yellow Brick Road. If you like this pattern, but can't find it locally, you can purchase it at this link:

I also want to try the disappearing nine patch. I am thinking of using all my stash fabrics to make that quilt. It might be one ugly quilt one I am done though, but at least I will have made room to buy some NEW fabric! And really, all of us that need a 12 step program for hoarding fabrics know that making room to buy more fabric is what it's all about, right?

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


It was an absolutely wet day yesterday. Throughout the day it would thunder and the rain would come down in buckets of water. There I was standing at the door; armed with "The Gift Card" and I was heading to the local quilt store to use it no matter what.

I had planned on getting a jelly roll of Moda's Simplicity fabrics. They are so fresh and feminine and such yummy prints. But then I realized I need some fabrics for a quilt to be gifted to a newly married couple. You see, she likes greens....any shades and I don't have any of that color fabric in my stash. So, I went looking and with the help of one of the employees there, we came up with these beautiful fabrics that will make a wonderful lap quilt she and her hubby can snuggle under.

Later on in the afternoon I had to return some yarn at Michael's and yep, you guessed it...I whipped out "The Gift Card" again and purchased this book and a number ten crochet hook and the proper thread to make some of those crochet edged flannel blankets.

Can you believe after all this....I still had money left on the card? Well, I did. There isn't much left, but I intend to use it all...every last penny.

Have a blessed day!

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