Sunday, April 26, 2009


So, ever since Layla from
talked about how she used these in her home everyone has been using them. Take a look at what Hayley from did with her drop cloth. She put a cool fringe on them. I am loving that. Heather from talks about different kinds of ways to hang them up and shows what she used.
Susie from talks about how she used them. It's fascinating to see what one person shares and how many people have followed suit to implement it in their home.

All this to say that I am going to be heading out to Home Depot or Lowes to be purchasing myself some. One lady mentioned that Wal Mart drop cloths had a more white look to it. Home Depot and Lowes had more of a linen look to it. I will be buying some from Wal Mart to do our bedroom windows and some from Home Depot to do our family room and dining room windows. So, stay tuned on Wed. I plan on showing you some pics. If there is any leftover cloth, I plan on making some cool pillows. Ihave ideas rolling around in my head, I need to get them out.

Have you used the drop cloth curtains?

Check out these cool wall art ideas. Kimba from I love the "family" one she used. Scroll down and link to the other links she posted.

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It's been wonderful weather here and we have been actually taking advantage of it. We've been out on a picnic and even had to mow the lawn already. The buds on the trees have bloomed and my bulbs have come up as well. We've enjoyed the daffodils and the Crocus.(not sure of the spelling) It's a beautiful flower though.

I have been busy spring cleaning our....basement! Yeah, I know, not the most favorite spring cleaning area to do. But I am happy with the work that is getting done. I have organized things, set things aside for a yard sale and thrown lotsa stuff out already. I used to homeschool until my kids got up to high school, so we have lots of homeschooling stuff I am looking to get rid of. Email me if you are looking for something in particular. I just may have it. I have lots of ABEKA stuff, lots of novels. We love to read. So, english and lit were big classes for us.

Off to enjoy the rest of the beautiful day. Hope it's beautiful wherever you are today.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I was surfing and found this cool website. Here is the link:

You fill out a survey based on pictures of rooms you like, hate, love, etc. and at the end of the survey it tells you what your style is. I was surprised to find mine out. Here is what it said mine is:

Nantucket Style. You wouldn't know it if I gave you a tour of our house. Speaking of which I said I would be doing sometime ago. We have had a lot of overcast days here. It makes for bad indoor photos. It's sunny today, so maybe I will snap some pics of humble abode and you all can help me achieve the Nantucket style with what I have.

I plan on using this tutorial to try and cover my wing chair in our living room. I also bought this book on slipcovering to help me as well. If you want to look inside the book, you can click on this link to see what all they cover in the book.

I fell in love with Layla's drop cloth curtains over at the Lettered Cottage. You can find her here talking about them.
I plan on doing the drop cloth curtains in the family room and dining room. I may add a band of color on them. Not sure where though. Maybe along the sides of the curtain. maybe at the bottom. We'll see. Shoot, at less than $10 a bag for drapes, I am sure I will figure something out. I also plan on using a drop cloth to practice my slipcovering on my wing chair. Wish me luck!

I love Layla's style. Very laid back, comfy, and cottagey. Is that a word? If you haven't been to her site before you are in for a treat. My two most fave rooms in her house are her kitchen and guest bedroom. Give her a looksee and tell her "hello."

Well, I am off to get some errands and housework done. I did post the winner of the giveaway yesterday, so please be sure to scroll down and look at that post.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009



Congratulations Rachel!
Please email me at so that I can send your prize out to you.

A big thank you to everyone that participated! You made my 100th post a very fun day for me and the lucky winner. It was an extra special treat for me to be able to read some of your blogs as well.

An extended thank you to Sue of Berkshire Cottage, Christina of Bumblebee Bags, Jessica of Sew Chic and Rachel at Southern Knit Wit for posting about the giveaway on their blogs. I have a special something for you ladies as well. So please email me so that I can mail you your goodies. Jessica, I already have your addy, so no need to email me.
Please stop by again at the end of the month as I will be having another giveaway for Mother's Day!

Have a great day everyone!

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Good Morning !

I will be posting the winner of the giveaway after I take my kids to school this morning.
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Monday, April 06, 2009


I certainly can't. What a nice way to be able to enjoy all the fabrics in a particular line you love without going broke. Not to mention the fact that they are already precut. I love all the precuts ...jelly rolls, layer cakes, and now I hear they have something called turnovers. LOL, the names for these things are just the cutest. Makes you want to eat you some sweet rolls or something. If you are new to quilting and you want to learn what all the terms mean. Then hop on over to Camille's blog In her post she breaks it all down for you....what each precut means and pics to go with it. While you are there check out her blog and tell her "hello."
I have a charm pack of Fig and Plum by Moda and I plan on doing a wee project for my twin nieces for Easter. They are about a year and a half old now and their mummy doesn't want to do the Easter basket with all the candy thing. I can respect that, so I am making something very girly for each of them to enjoy playing with on Easter. Stay tuned for that project too.

Well, I am off to get some sewing and quilting done.

Enjoy your day!
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I am still working on my baby gift for a friend of mine.

Below you will see a pic of a fleece blanket that I am crocheting and edge on. I bought a skip stitch rotary blade to be able to make the cuts in the fleece to allow me to crochet the edge on. Actually, I bought two blades. One for cutting fleece and one for cutting flannel. As you can see by the pink yarn, my friend had a baby girl.

I plan on making her some burp cloths with this yummy material and some prefolds I bought. I love chenille and flannel. So soft.

This fabric will be making an appearance again. I have quite a bit of it left over from making the toiletrie bag for dd. So keep an eye out for a project being made with this fabric.
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On April 14th will be my 100th post on this ole blog. I am doing a giveaway and I hope you will share with all your quilting friends, sewing and crafty friends about it. Have them come here and post a comment to enter. If they want to double their chances of winning, they have to post on their blog about it. I will accept entries until midnight April 13th central time. The lucky winner will be announced on the morning of April 14th.

Here is what I am giving away to the lucky winner. Yep, that's right, the lucky winner will win the book on how to make cathedral window quilts. The pattern for the pincushion is included in this book. The pincushion I made will also be included in this prize. So hurry and tell your bloggy friends about it!
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Sorry for what seemed like a tease the other day. I had every intention of posting the pincushion. I had errands to run and then it was overcast and rainy. Being busy ...added to that not a good photo op day. All that being said, here it is. You can click on it to see the handstitching up close. I just loved how it came out. I also loved the fabric I used. I bought it last year in hopes of making some pillowcases for our guest room. It just sat and sat like most of the fabric I buy and fall in love with. It found it's way to being used, but never for what it was for originally.

Here is another view of it.

I had mentioned before I was pretty intimated with this project. A majority of it is handstitching and I wasn't very confident my handstitching was good enough.
Hopefully sometime in the next couple of months I will post a tutorial for you all to use.
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Friday, April 03, 2009


I am getting ready to head out to a ladies bible study that I go to every Friday, so this will be a short note.

Just wanted to thank Autum of Creative Little Daisy for allowing me yet again to use another one of her lovely photos to be my blog banner. If you have never seen Autum's blog you can check her out here :

Drop by and tell her "hello!" I know she would love to hear from you. She has some fabulous tutorials and her flicker photos are just absolute eye candy.

Hugs to you Autum!

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Thursday, April 02, 2009


A real quick update on the class.

First of all, I have to say that I am just blessed. When I took my first quilt class I had the privilege of learning how to quilt by the sweetest lady. She was very patient and made learning all the ins and outs of quilting fun. The other night wasn't any different. While it was a different quilt shop and instructor, I was blessed again. Lucky for me and Karen (the other willing to learn student) were the only ones in the class, so it was nice to get one on one instruction as we needed it. Karen and I were a wee bit frustrated at first, but by the time the class ended we were having fun and almost done making our first cathedral window. You see, there was lots of hand sewing and precision ironing and you had to be quite meticulous about it. I think we only used the sewing machine for two seams and that was it. I am in love with making this pincushion and I can see there will be many others in the future. I was amazed by how easy it came together.

I am planning on doing a step by step tutorial sometime in the next few months to take the mystery out of it for all of those out there in blog land. There will be step by step pictures of each step with written instructions. I know I am a very visual person and I appreciate it when there is picturesof each step and how things should look. Nothing will be left out so you can make these little beauties to your hearts content.

I hope to have sometime tonight to finshing hand sewing it and post it tomorrow.

Now I am off to clean, do laundry...LOL, you all know the drill. If you are reading this, you are probably like me trying to avoid doing dished, laundry, etc.

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