Monday, May 12, 2008

The day after.....

Alright ladies, it's back to reality for us. LOL, we got a day off without cooking and got pampered a bit, but now it's back to life as a mommy....and we love it!

I had a chance to practice some more free motion quilting and I think I am just about ready to finish up the table runner project from class. If it turns out half way decent, I may try some potholders too. One can never practice too much.

I may post a pic of it later on stay tuned.

Enjoy your day!
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Sue said...

So where's the pic? Just kidding, I'll check back tomorrow!

My name is Cheryl said...

Hey Sue!
I was all set to get some free motion done last night, but was dropping son off at Scouts and picking him up and by the time I got back from all that running round, I was tired.
LOL, thanks for keeping me on my toes about it. I will post a pic soon.