Monday, June 09, 2008


The pepper plants are growing like weeds and have some of the buds on them already. I don't think they are called buds though. They are like small flowers where the pepper will grow out from. LOL, I am sure someone knows what they are called. Right now, I can't remember. The cucumbers have finally poked through the dirt as well as the green beans. The carrots are taking a little longer to look like they are even there. All in all it's coming along and I can't wait till late July or August to sink my teeth into a nice, juicy, homegrown tomato. There will be lotsa tomato sandwiches eaten before fall rolls around.

DD and I were maybe even thinking about learning how to can. Anyone out there done this? Any advice on resources to read up on it? What all did you can?

No pics for now, been raining. We had tornado warnings and lotsa rain yesterday. If it clears up, I will share the veggies poking through.

DD sprained her ankle yesterday, will be seeing the doc today. No errands planned. I plan to actually get some sewing done. LOL, there is a novel idea. Wouldn't you just love to see some projects? This is after all supposed to be a quilting blog, isn't it?

I will post later on with some completed projects.

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bumblebeebags said...

I love gardening. I plan to make one next year. By the way...Im not up on all the computer text...what does DD mean, lol. Am I stupid for asking...:)

My name is Cheryl said...

No, you are not stupid for asking. I didn't know several years ago either when I got into the cyber world of blogging,etc. DD means darling daughter. DS means darling son..and so on.

Sue said...

Your garden sounds as if it will be plentiful. I have canned some and can help if you need it. Personallly, I like freezing better for some things. Tomatoes freeze very nicely, yet I love to can salsa. When it gets to canning season, let me know what you plan on canning and I'll try to help.

My name is Cheryl said...

Oh great! You know how to can. Yes ma'am, I do believe we are going to have a boatload of peppers and tomatoes. I have heard of folks freezing stuff, but I don't know much about doing that either. Don't you have to blanch some veggies before you freeze them? Yep, it's all new to me and I am excited to learn about it. I will definitely be dropping ya a line or two when the time comes. I have been seeing all the canning supplies at the stores. Should I purchase them now? Are they seasonal in the stores?
Thanks in advance for your help. : )

bumblebeebags said...

Are you back on blogging land yet?