Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Blogger has been a stinker to me. Sometimes I can get in and post and comment, and sometimes I can't. Today, it's weird. I haven't been able to sign on to my account for along time and I come to my blog and it's signed on already. So absolutely bizarre, I tell you.

Well, since it is freakishly working I guess I will chat a bit about what's been happening here. We've been very busy with school activities and church activities, birthdays and whatever else makes it in.

My darling husband bought me a fabulous digital SLR for Christmas and I didn't start using it until July! I know, that is just ridiculous in and of itself. I have been snapping away and enjoying it. I have been wanting to post pics for a while now, but blogger is so finicky about letting me on. Later today if I am still able to get on, I will post some of the snapshots that I have.

Well, I am off to do the housework and errands.
Have a blessed day all!Pin It Now!


bumblebeebags said...

I wonder if someone has hacked your blog? I hope not. I cant wait to see your pics, I bet there beautiful!

My name is Cheryl said...

You know I was wondering the same thing as it was already signed on when I came to my blog today. I sure hope that is not the case too.