Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Checking in....

Hey there!
checking in again. I am sorry I haven't been blogging regulary. Have tons to show you and no time to sit and blog. Well, any extended time. You know with the pics and all. I am going to be working on the Cathedral quilt block tutorial over the weekend. First, I have to get a new memory card. Got my Dad one of those digital frames for Father's Day and used my memory card to dump the pics onto the frame with...so, now I am needing a new one.

We've done a lot of landscaping...well, planting things. I have some of that to show you as well. I am sad we still haven't planted anything in the garden yet. I guess it's rather late to do that now, seeing it's July already. Bad timing I guess. We planted on Memorial weekend last year and this year around that time we were on vacation. Since then, we've had a whirlwind of stuff to take care of around the house, inside and out. We are tackling it all one day at a time as we have time.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far. I check everyone's blogs daily and seems as though we are all enjoying the sun, fun, family and for some of us, the beach.

Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July weekend.Pin It Now!


Sue said...

I see home projects are gobbling up your time too. So when is that leisure time supposed to kick in? When we're like what, 90?

Cheryl said...

LOL Sue, yeah, around age 90. HAHA