Friday, June 04, 2010

Ideas for the new house

Okay, so I got the unpacking and the laundry up to speed in one day. That in and of itself was unbelievable. Since that is all done and out of the way I thought I would share a little bit about the new house and ask for your ideas to help me decorate the guest room.

It's a four bedroom home. All on one floor. The guest bedroom is huge. Well, let's just say it's a lot bigger than the one we have now. I has space for a bed, dresser, end tables, reading chair with lighting and possibly a desk. You wouldn't believe the size of the closet if I told you. It's huge as well. I could probably do a jig in it for you (haha). What I like about it most is that it is has it's own private full size bath.

The backyard is big as well and one of the pluses that we are happy about is that it is fenced in. The previous owners have done a beautiful job landscaping it. There already is a veggie garden area established, an orange tree, a lime tree and a fig tree! So excited about that one. I have always wanted to make fig jam from my own figs. There is also a magnolia, rose bushes and rosemary bush. There is lots more, but I don't know all the names. It truly is a lovely home that they have taken care of.

Another plus with this house is we won't have to paint for the first time. The colors on the walls are lovely already. Well, except for the master bedroom. It is a tasteful green, but green is my least fave color. But I need to make it work somehow. So, that will also be a room I will need your help in. So send any pics or ideas my way.

Now, about the guest quarters. I am either going seaside retreat or farmhouse chic or maybe the B&B feel. I want your ideas to help me pull it off.

I like the idea of this first pic. I plan on placing something like this on the counter in the guest bath. I will have space in the bedroom to place a tray on a dresser with coffee and tea packets, cream and sugar and a coffee maker as well as mugs. You know, kinda like you would see at a hotel. Also toying with the idea of a mini fridge, but probably won't do that as the guest quarters are pretty close to the kitchen.

photo: Country Living

Here is one inspiration photo I like for the guest room. It's light pallate make it look fresh and welcoming.

Not sure the source of this one. If anyone knows please email so I can give credit for it. I love the light, tonal pallate going on here. Looks comfy and feels very welcoming.

This next one I really love and would like to incorporate this look into our master bedroom. Love the tonal tan bedding and the sign over the bed. Not too crazy about the pillows on the bed. I think verbage on those is overkill with the sign over the bed.

Okay, that's it for now.
Enjoy your weekend!

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Gen said...

Love those inspiration pictures. What kind of green is in your room a pastel or darker green? I will be on the look out for you some ideas. Sent you an email to your gmail addy :)

Cheryl said...

Hey Gen!
The green is like a tad bit lighter than hunter green. Wish I had a pic for you to see. Might have to wait till we get there and I can take a pic myself. But send the ideas anyhow. I can get the gears going, ya know?
Sent you an email back.

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Let me know if you're planning to go to the Eddie Ross event! Wayne, IL is sort of in the far-western burbs I think.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Sounds like you got it going on girlfriend! The house sounds just beautiful too. I will keep my eyes peeled for some great photos with what you have in mind. A guest would feel like a queen at your house...Now where do you live...hehe. Have fun! Susie~

Cheryl said...

left you an email.

Cheryl said...

you are funny. thanks for keeping an eye out on some insp pics.
sending you an email.

Sue said...

What fun! The house sounds wonderful and I would be very excited if I were you. Can't wait to see some pics when you move in!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

i love your inspiration pics especially the blue guest room one. love the idea of a simple collection of linens for the bedding so cute!