Monday, August 09, 2010

Sneaky peek of the new place...

Here is our front door. 

I love the style of it and tomorrow I will show you the unique architectural  feature on the inside of this door that I love.   Also, there is a unique lighting fixture on each side of this door that I think really makes the entrance to the front look so grand.  I will share that tomorrow as well.
Would like to share some pics of the backyard garden with you first.  First up  is the lovely swing that the previous owner built.  . 

yard swing
The beautifully overgrown canopy is grape vine and wisteria. If you are sitting down on the swing and looking up you can see these

 They are muscadine grapes.  We haven't picked any yet, but I thought they would make for a cool photo op.  Next up is my fave thing in the whole yard.  Are you tired of me talking about it yet??? It's the fig tree. 

 We missed the first round of harvest to make some fig jam.  So hopefully there will be another bumper crop in the next couple of weeks or so.  Hoping to get  the stawberry fig jam recipe from my hubby's aunt so that I can make some to enjoy this winter.  
 Moving on to the herb area of the garden.  Here you will see lemon basil and basil ,  rosemary and oregano(not shown)
lemon basil and basil

rosemary bush

Stop by tomorrow and I will share some more of the garden and a sneeky peek into the master suite.  I need your help ladies.  The wall colors in the whole house we just love.  I unfortunately don't care for the color in the master bedroom,but hubs said no painting will be happening.  : (  So, I have to make the best of what is there.  So, need your ideas.  HELP me out!! 

Friday I will be posting a giveaway.  So tell all your friends to stop by.

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Samantha2818 said...

I love that swing. My kids are always nagging us to get one but our back garden is too small! What a great garden.

Sue said...

Oh, how beautiful, Cheryl! Love your gardens and your front door! More pics!!!