Wednesday, October 06, 2010


So, I mentioned in my last post that fall has me decluttering and deep cleaning so everything is ready to go before we head into winter.

I am so happy that my local Wal-Mart is finally selling these.

Ever since Andrea (over at ) shared what she uses to clean her house.  I  had been on the look out for the product ever since.  I chose the lavender scent and love the scent it leaves behind after I am finished cleaning.

I also have been inspired by
Y'all have to click the link to see her pantry redo if you haven't already done so.  I am in the middle of organizing mine and will share it with you all later this week.

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Flick, said...

Hi, thanks so much for visiting, it's nice to 'meet' you! It is spring here right now, and I love a good clean out, so we declutter our wardrobes before the summer. I would love to share the recipe for the pumpkin scones, so will do a post this weekend, they are delish and the recipe has been in the family for generations...
Flick xo

Gen said...

Hey there I just got back from your neck of the woods LOL and I dont think anyone is deep cleaning more than I am right now ripped up some carpets painting all the rooms in the new house just found out Tide with febreeze is awesome on carpets and smells so good. Will have to check out the cleaning products u mentioned we're having a time with the new home they had way too many animals in there! Maybe we'll get it cleaned soon and I can actually move in LOL Love your bedroom lamp by the way!

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Don't ya just love Mrs. Meyers.

Cheryl said...

Hi Andrea!
I do love Mrs. Meyers productgs. Love the way my house smells when I am done cleaning.