Sunday, December 12, 2010


I will be continuing on with our home decorated for the holidays.

Below is our tree. I am so excited about our tree.  It is real.  The hubs gave in again.  He really wanted to pull out the ole artificial tree from the attic, but I was really wanting a real tree again this year.  We weren't able to go to a tree farm and cut it down in 20 degree weather, but it was fun looking for it just the same.

We decorated it with a box of sentimental ornaments that I have collected over the years.  This tree is the first very full and tall real tree we have ever had.  So, I am thinking about making  some more ornaments to hang on it.  I recently was surfing a linky party and saw a tutorial where someone shared how to make dove ornaments.  Don't you just love my tree skirt???  HAHA, yeah, it's a white sheet.  LOL, nothing fancy here.  I haven't had a chance to sit at the sewing machine.  Maybe next year we will have a proper tree skirt.

Here is a closer look of the tree.  It's a Nobel Fur...or is it Fir??  Ha, I am not sure how to spell it , but that is what kind it is.
 Here is the mantle.  I decided to leave my Joshua 24:15 up.  I had wanted to do another piece of art that Luke 2:11 on it, but just didn't have the time before we had company or in between before we had our holiday party.  I just kept it simple.  Some garland and some pinecones and our stocking holders and my mason jars.
 To the right of the tree in the breakfast nook I chose to hang my barn star.  I also decided to place the piece that my hubby made me here.  As you can see, I have only got as far as priming it.  Sad, isn't it?  It was too hot to paint it during the summer and by the time I had a chance to get to it again, the temps had gotten cold.  Hopefully in the spring, I can put a coat of cottage white on it.
 I chose to put our Christmas music here.  We have a tradition of buying on Christmas CD every year and  around Thanksgiving we start to play the Christmas music.  I also chose to put our nativity on this piece as well as a red quilt to give warm to the lower shelf.
 Here is our dining room. See that big empty wall behind it?  I have a couple of ideas for it that I will share with you .  Maybe y'all can help me decide which ideas to use there.   I purchased that dining table cover at Target.  Love it!  It was only $16.00!  I think that is a pretty good price as it is a big one.  I think it's 6ft. by 120 ft.
 I chose to keep the center piece simple.  You know, so there is room for plenty of food and the plates.  : )  I just used these glass candle holders and some cranberries.  Love the red.  I also used some cream round candles I had to place inside.
And this, well, this is my kitchen.  pretty blah for now.  Haven't done much in here.  I just wanted to show you where I blog from.  I usually am on the end there blogging and making sure that I am not burning dinner while I blog.

Well, hope you enjoyed the tour.
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Anne Marie said...

Hi! So nice to meet a fellow Illinoian :)

what a huge kitchen you have!

you should make it to our barn sale in May since you are so close!!
Anne Marie

Cheryl said...

Oooooo...I love your cheerful tablecloth (I love Target too!)...and your centerpieces are just right!

Thanks for visiting me at Thinking About Home and for your kind words.

Sue said...

Your home looks so pretty for Christmas! Very clean and cozy looking at the same time! Hope you all enjoyed a lovely advent and Christmas!