Thursday, May 26, 2011

::EWENIQUE MEMORIES:: Masterbedroom makeover across the miles::

Here is the first installment of my hand at helping a friend redecorate a master bedroom.

Gen and I have been blog buddies for a long time now and thought it would be fun to share her makeover on my blog.  Make sure you stop by her blog and say "HI" after you read this post.
Gen was wanting to redo her bedroom a few months back and asked me if I would help her with the redecorating.  Here is the kicker though.  It would be a long distance makeover as she lives in VA and I live in LA.

We started  with her sending me some pics of the room she had to work with.  Then we talked about what style or direction she wanted to move into to achieve the look she was going for. 

Gen had one big piece of furniture that would be staying.  A sleigh bed that had good bones, but the color just wasn't right.  We did a storyboard over at Polyvore to get an idea of what she wanted the room to look like.   Here it is:

Doesn't that look comfy and inviting?  I thought so and was eager to help her achieve it. 

The bedroom was pretty juvenille to start with.  Wide pink stripes on the walls and some tired berber carpet.

No questions asked about the pink stripes.  We both agreed they had to go.  Below is a picture of what the room looked like after she painted.

As you can see in the pic above this room has slanted ceilings on each side.  She also had too much furniture in this room.  So we talked deleting some of the furnitue pieces and placing them  into a sitting room.  We also talked about painting out her sleigh bed and doing drop cloth curtains on the window.  I have read that a decorating no no is to NOT place a bed in front of a window, but in Gen's case I think it really did a lot for this room. 
Stay tuned tomorrow to see some of the ideas she put into place and a cool transformation on the bed.

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Gen said...

I'm so glad those pink stripes and that awful carpet are gone! LOL and again I had so much fun putting this room together with you "across the miles"

Craftberry Bush said...

Hey Cheryl.. I tried to respond to your message via email but you are a 'non reply blogger' you said you had a question to ask...drop me a line at hope you are doing well...hugs,