Monday, June 27, 2011


I am wanting to sprinkle a little Americana around the house for the July 4th weekend.  I have some ideas in mind that I am hoping to show you all later in the week.

In the meantime, I have been wanting to make my family room a little more cottagey.  I have been playing over at

Here is a board I came up with.


I have been talking about slipcovering my wing chair and english chair forever!  I am thinking maybe in denim.  Not sure.  We'll see if I can find some on sale.  I also would like to change out my side tables.  We have square ones that are pretty functional and unique, but I think there is too much squareness going on in this room and I think that round rattan table would work so much better.  Not to mention bring in some texture.  Next up I  think we are in need of a console table behind the sofa.  Right now we have a really nice Woolrich coffee table behind that has shelving; but I am looking for something a little more sofa height.  I really like the style of the one above as it has drawers and a shelf.  I like the shelf so that I can put some baskets on it.  I desperately need some storage baskets to house everyones junk that they leave  lying around.  One for each family member.  I am constantly finding myself cleaning up everyones junk before I house clean and this would be great to have to just throw everything in it's respective container and clean away.  I also like the top surface for lamps and  as a decorative space.  What do you think of those white dipped baskets up there?  They are different.  Love that.

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