Monday, March 12, 2012

:: Signs of Spring and participating in Sweet Shot Tuesday::

I  am participating in Sweet Shot Tuesday.  Let me know what you think of the roses in my garden.  If you have time, hop over to Darcy's and check out all the other Sweet Shots.  Just click the link below .
Sweet Shot Day

Our many rose bushes have been blooming lately.  We bought our house about a year and a half ago and I have no idea what any of the rose bushes are called.  What I can tell you is that they are incredibly vibrant in color and so very full.  Here are a couple of them from around the yard.

On the right side of our backyard the fig tree has started to show show some blooms.    Looks like there will be a bumper crop.....I hope.  Uforutnately we haven't been able to ever harvest enough to make some preseves.  We'll eat them raw or in a salad and that's about it.

I wish the blog had a smell feature.  The orange trees are blossoming as well and they smell delicious.  When the wind blows I love to take a big whiff of the orange blossoms.  It almost smells like honeysuckles, but sweeter if you can imagine that .

I also prettified the counter top in the laundry.  I needed a place to place the lint that we clean out from the dryer; a place for my tide pen; and all the "loot" I find in pockets and on the floor.  You wouldn't believe the small fortune I have been able to gather in just the laundry room alone.  I made the woolen bag out of canvas  that I had in my fabric stash and then used some stamps to put the saying on.  The silver cake holder is a yard sale find I found a couple of years ago.  The little terra cotta dish was a gift from many years ago and the mini mason jar had some kind of preserves in it at one time.  So, everything was all stuff I had already to prettify this little spot.  I also placed my Country Living Simple Wisdom book here too.  Great ideas on homekeeping, etc. in this little book.

On the sewing front I am still busy at the machine.  Life, laundry and family come first and sewing takes a backseat.  So, it is slow going.

A big thank you to everyone that commented and gave me suggestions and links about gluten free stuff.  You all are the best.

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Kel said...

Here from Sweet Shot Tuesday. Lovely shots of your garden. The flowers are so pretty. I do wish there was a smell version, too.

Danelle said...

The flowers are gorgeous! Beautiful colors.