Sunday, July 01, 2012


May was a pretty big month for us. Our son graduated! The weeks leading up to graduation were jam packed with all sorts of things. Sports dinners, senior dinners, blah,blah. You know how it is if you have children in college. Anyhow, graduation night finally came and we were so proud of son. Here is a pic that Mr. Quiltingmemories took after the ceremony.
Two days after graduation we packed up the car and headed west.  Washington state to be exact.  We would meet up with our daughter there as well as head to the Farm Chicks show.

It took us four days to head out there.  We went through fourteens states all in all.  We started out going through Louisiana and then Texas and Oklahoma and Kansas.  I tried to take pictures of each  welcome to this state sign, but I wasn't always successful.  The first one I took was Kansas.  So, here you go.
We saw lots of these.  Not sure what they are.  If anyone knows what they are, we would sure love to know.  We didn't just see these in Texas and Kansas; we saw them all over. Even up in Montana.
We saw lots of cows as you can imagine there was lots of open land along the way.  There is a funny story behind the photo below.  Mr. Quiltingmemories actually pulled over so I could take this picture.  They cows were not cooperating with me for the photo and Mr. Quiltingmemories started to moo!  Yes, he actually mooed at the cows.  Surprisingly they finally turned in our direction and I got this shot.  It reminds me a little of the laughing  cows commercial.
This week I will do a three part series on the rest of our cross country adventure.  
Next week I hope to have a new face for the blog.  I will be updating it and trying to make it easier to navigate past posts as well as current ones. I  will also being putting up a new header as well.  Be on the look out for a new series in the side bar that I will be running.  I am calling it "Simple Summer Fare."  There will be  breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert editions. I will be adding links so you can follow on Pinterest as well.

Until then, have a great evening and a blessed week.

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Sue said...

Wow, what a fantastic trip! I'm really looking forward to the rest of your cross country posts! That's my dream trip! Congratulations to your son and mom and dad! What a gratifying accomplishment!