Thursday, January 17, 2008

Braved the zipper!

I braved sewing on a zipper today. I originally was wanting to make a wristlet, but didn't have enough of the same fabric. I decided to use a double sided quilted placemat I got for 98 cents on clearance at Target. It was enough I was braving the zipper, I didn't want to have to do a lining too. Baby steps, right?Here is a pic of the finished zippered bag. It's not perfect, but I intend on making a couple more tonight. Practice makes perfect...or say they say.

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quiltdoggie said...

HI Cheryl, Thanks for commenting on my blog, too ~ The quilting magazine is called "Quilts & More * 32 Fun Weekend Projects" From Better Homes & Gardens. It's the winter issue and it says "Display til March 14" on the cover, so you should be able to find it, I did at my local quilt shop. If you can't, and want me to copy the pattern for you, I'm happy to do so. Oh, the wallet has a zipper that's super-duper easy to do, too! Just let me know . . . . Patrice

Genny said...

I think you did a great job with the zipper!