Friday, February 22, 2008

Rest, Relaxation and bonding time

In my last post I was wanting to be at the beach and I was ready for spring. Well, I got half that wish. My darling husband had arranged a mother/daughter cruise for myself and my daughter in the beautiful Bahams.
I recently had the pleasure of going on a mother/daughter cruise through BRIO. It's a Christian magazine for young girls. The speaker, Susie Shellinberger was absolutely fantastic. She was down to earth and funny and a poweful speaker on fire for the Lord.

Our cruise left on Valentines Day from Florida. That evening at dinner all the moms and daughters received a red carnation at dinner from our waiter. Later that evening our cabin steward had left a cool towel sculpture and some chocolates on our pillow. It was so cool looking, I thought, this is a kodak moment. So, there you have your picture.....

My dear daughter and I are very sentimental and wanted to admire the flowers just a little longer. So, she found some glasses and put some water in them and placed them on the ledge by the portal window. They looked so lovely in the glasses the next morning the way the sun was hitting them that I just knew it was ...yes, another Kodak moment.

We had a wonderful five days and four nights doing the mother/daughter bonding thing and we loved it. If anyone is interested in attending one, they are taking reservations for next years cruise. They will be going to Cozumel, Mexico. Here is the link:

I will leave you with a few pics. There was a small chapel on the island of Half Moon Cay. I loved how the doorway framed the view looking out. Pictures don't do the beautiful scenery justice. The water is so clear and blue at the same time. Here is another of my daughter holding a beautiufl shell she found.
Have a blessed day!

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Genny said...

What a wonderful gift from your husband. Glad to hear you and your daughter had a wonderful time. The pics are beautiful, thanks for sharing.