Monday, December 08, 2008


So excited! I finally was able to get into my blog today. YAY!!!

I have been wanting to share some pictures with you all for a very long time, but due to blogger not letting me get in, I couldn't.

Anyhow, I shared in a previous post that last year for Christmas my dear husband gave me a new camera. A digital SLR camera. I love it and have been snapping away the past few months. I am hoping to be able to one day take pics like this.

She take fabulous pictures. She doesn't use a flash for any of her photos and her photos are what she calls done in photojournalism form. They tell a story. Check out her blog and her photography site.

The first pic I would like to share with you is a pic of my daughter late summer. She found a big ball of these dandelion fluffs. I thought, how cool. It would be cool to get a profile pic of her blowing on it and have them blow away. So, I did. The photo is below. One thing I learned about taking pictures outside in natural light is to not take a pic when the sun is at the height of the day. I should of taken this pic later that evening and the natural light wouldn't of been as harsh on her face.

Then later in the fall I took some of this shrub we have in front of our house. It's commonly referred to as a burning bush. I love the deep dark red leaves on it in the fall. So pretty.

I took several pics of this bush at different angles. No flash. Taken early in the morning. Haven't learned anything about photoshop yet, so all these pics are RAW and untouched.
Here are two more

My daughter asked me to take her senior photos this year. So hopefully when it warms up in the spring I can share those pics. We missed getting some photos taken in the fall when the colors on the leaves were beautiful.Pin It Now!


Sue said...

What beautiful pictures. So clear and sharp! I'm so glad you're up and running again!

Anonymous said...

Aw, you are sweet. It's taking some time to practice, but hopefully I will get better at it.
It's good to be up and running again...for now.