Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am looking to redecorate my guestbedroom. It used to be our daughters room, but we put her in the old guestbedroom. It has a bigger closet and she needed that space. I am looking for a peaceful, relaxing look in this room and I am hoping to not have to buy anything. Want to try and use what I have to achieve the look I would like.

Here is a room from BHG that I was inspired by. I love the contrast of the colors. I like the fact that there isn't a lot of pattern going on. It's simple and understated,but looks like it is very inviting and comfy.

Here is another one that I liked. It's blue and white again, but more vintage inspired.

Okay, so I went and to pics of the room even though it was a know, just to keep things real. Well, battery on camera needs charged. So, I can't post a pic of the actual room that needs decorating. I am off to charge the battery. I will post pics later on what I have to work with furniture wise, bedding wise,etc. And maybe you all can help me out.

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bumblebeebags said...

oooh, I would love to help, I'm a interior designer by night didn't ya know! lol!

Sue said...

I love the vintage look... can't wait to see what you're working with!