Monday, February 09, 2009


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. It finally warmed up here. It got as high as the 50's. It melted all the snow we had on the ground which was nice.

Had an ill hubby and ill son this weekend so not much sewing or quilting went on here. However, if you check back today I will be posting a pic of my mug up by my profile. So, if you are interested in seeing that I will be doing that after lunch sometime. I will also have some pics of some works in progress to share with you.

I have been doing a little tweeking with my blog giving it some new colors. I am so ready for spring and wanted the blog to reflect that.

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Gen said...

i like your new header :)

Cheryl said...

thanks, I am so ready for spring and wanted to change things up a bit. Glad you likey.