Sunday, October 18, 2009


It's one of my fave seasons of the year...the other is summer.

Today we will talk about autumn though. It has gotten quite chilly here in Illinois. I had to pull the sweaters out from the back of the closet. I also have been making lotsa soup. I was recently at the taste of home website and they have a whole page dedicated to autumn recipes. Everything from soups to pies.

Here is what I will be making tomorrow night for dinner. We've never eaten butternut squash before, so hoping this is a keeper recipe. It looks like it's delicious from the picture. See for yourself.

If you are interested in making this soup or any other autumn recipes go check out Taste of Home site. Here is their link and here is the link to check out other autumn recipes they have.

With things being pretty tight this year it looks like gift giving will be handmade or homemade from the kitchen. My daughter and I saw a yummy recipe that we intend to make to give as gift this year. Sandy from did a guest post over at the Inspired Room. You have got to go check out her how to for apple pie filling in a jar. It looks heavenly. Here is the link.

I will be posting lotsa pics tomorrow. I have pics of what I have done so far for my pinwheel blocks and a pic of the finished deck. I also have two new projects that I will be starting and hope that I don't get too frustrated to finish them.

I will be back on Monday to post.

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Sue said...

Looks delicious. Perfect for a fall supper!

Cheryl said...

it was very good. The family gave it four thumbs up. Hee hee. I will be going shopping for more butternut squash and baking it and pureeing it to freeze so we can use later on when it's really super cold out.