Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer time and relaxing....


Sorry I have been away from Blogland for so long. Vacation Bible School took a lot of my time the month of June. I was on the snack committee and had to solicit many local merchants for food for our Friday Family Dinner. Then there was the actual week of VBS and the Family Night Dinner. All went well, but I needed a relaxing few weeks after it was over to just do NOTHING! And I did. It was nice.

The garden is really making me smile. We have lots of tomatoes and peppers, but just not ripe to eat yet. Probably in late August we will see our carrots, and green beans. We started those from seed and I guess they are taking a bit longer to produce the fruit.

I have lots of pics to share,but will do so later. We are about to get hit with a bad storm.

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