Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Purse/Bag cuteness

I was surfing this morning and saw this cool video on Martha Stewarts website on this darling purse.

It's quite cute. Sue, this bag looks similiar to the ones you made. I can't remember if you referenced Martha's site or note. Anyhow, they have a free template online and you can watch the video of her actually putting it together on the show.

Next up in purse cuteness is this purse. Sorry for the not so great pic of it. I purchased it at a local dollar store for only....are you ready for this??? I only purchased it for $8.00 They had other styles and fabric ways at the same price and matching wallets for $4.00 I couldn't believe it, so naturally I had to buy one! Move over Vera Bradley. The purse is just as cute as hers and doesn't cost and arm and a leg.

I also have a pattern to make this style purse. Very easy.

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