Tuesday, January 06, 2009


that's what I like to make for myself in the New Year. Not resolutions.

This year my goals are:

to read the bible through in a year (if you would like to do this too, here is a link to help you out

to quilt more (so I can buy new fabric) Actually, my goal is to get through my stash bin of odds and ends fabric so that I can buy new fabric. This is after all supposed to be a quilting blog, isn't it? I am sure you all would love to see me post pics of more WIP's and quilts.

to spend more time with family here and out of state

to keep in touch with family....with the handwritten word. I loved getting mail as a child and teen and with our technology nowadays, we don't do that so much anymore. So, my goal will be to keep in touch with handwritten letters and photos to friends and family.

to lose weight (isn't that everyone's goal?)

to read more (books, novels, not just quilting magazines. hee hee)

What goals have you made for yourself this year? Whatever they are, I hope you achieve them!Be encouraged!Pin It Now!

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Taracotta said...

My goals for this year are to paint more, do more gardening and decorating in and around my home. Be healthy...eat right and walk a lot. I did that last year pretty well...now this year I will try and do the same. :)