Tuesday, January 06, 2009


My dear husband took a couple of weeks off for the Christmas holiday and gifted me with some serious organizational love. I thrive on things being organized. If they are not, I feel out of sorts and a little chaotic. You know, scatterbrained.

Last spring I had a lady from California Closets come over and measure out our closet in hopes of maybe getting that done. Well, she came up with a wonderful organizational system; however, the price tag that came with it wasn't that fabulous. I forgot about that until my husband brought the idea up again.

You see we have two teens. Those of you out there may know that teens can be pretty messy, sloppy, etc. It is my hope...and I do mean hope that with the new closet organizers that my husband installed for each of them that their rooms will be cleaner in the new year. I mean really, is that too much to ask or hope for????

We also did our closet as well and I just love it! I actually enjoy going in the closet each morning now. There is a place for everything and walking room and even a space for the hamper. Sorry I don't have any before pics, but here is the after. I was only able to get one good pic. We don't have a gigantic closet, but you get the idea.

I also am excited about the possibility of having a sewing space again. We did a little shuffling around and part of the guest room will be a creative area for myself and dd. I am hoping to have a long table up to hold our sewing machines and some other items. I am also hoping to put up a board. Not sure what they call it, but quilters have these on their walls. They have felt on them so you can place your pieces on there to play around with the fabric to see what the quilt will look like before you quilt it. The name escapes me and I am thinking it isn't something called a felt board...lol, that would be too easy. Anyhow, as that space comes together, I will post pics to share.

Have a blessed day in whatever you do!
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Sue said...

Love your closet. Your husband did a great job. I called my dh over to take a peek but he thinks yours is a walk-in. Is it? My closet really need somthin'. Your kids...hahaha... maybe, but don't get your hopes up too high!

Cheryl said...

Thanks Sue.
We do have a walk in closet. But you know what? A closet organizer can work in your closet even if it's not a walk in closet. We used the Sauder system at Lowes to do our Master Bedroom and used the Rubbermaid ones to do the other closets in the house.
Aww Sue, come on on, a mom can hopely hope....about the kids rooms. : )
HAHA, I know, I probably am in fantasyland, but I am hoping it will work.

bumblebeebags said...

Love the closet. I keep forgetting that you are up and running again. I have to catch up on my reading with you! xoxo