Monday, January 26, 2009


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We did.

This weeks menu has some of my favorites. They are easy recipes. They are also fast recipes. You can potentially have dinner served in a half an hour and it will look and taste like you slaved all day in the kitchen. I will be sharin the oven fried chicken recipe, chicken marsala recipe and the chunky potato soup recipe. So, keep an eye out for them if you would like to try them.

Monday: Oven fried chicken, mac n cheese, green beans

Tuesday: Chicken Marsala, baked potato, salad

Wed: Chunky potato soup, salad, bread

Thurs: Sweet and Sour meatballs over rice, corn

Friday: Pasta Fagioli soup, salad, bread

Sat: ? not sure yet ... maybe chili, cornbread. It was on last weeks menu, but
didn't get made.

Sun: ? not sure yet

I would love to hear what kind of meals you cook at your house. Maybe you can share some recipes with me.

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Sue said...

I'm so hungry right now it isn't even funny! And then to read your post, I'm really hungry... I'm going to try your chicken recipe as it looks really good.