Monday, March 16, 2009

Recipes to share!

Haven't done this in a while. This spring forward thing has gotten me all out of whack time-wise. We still haven't adjusted to the time change. It usually takes our family a month. I know, pretty bad, huh?

Last week, I tried to make a pot roast....again! I have made them in the past and never had success with them. No matter how long they cooked, they still tasted like we were eating shoe leather! I kid you not! Well, last week the hubby stoppped by grocery store on way for me and was supposed to only get two things. Not! Bless his heart, he got what I needed and them some. He found some great deals in the meat department. He got a BOGO on pot roasts, a chicken, ribs and something else. It was probably over $60 worth of meat he got for $20. WOW! I can't top that and I certainly couldn't be mad at him for coming home with more, now could I?

Well, the newly acquired pot roasts sent me on a quest to find a good because I was determined we were not going to eat shoe leather;not after he got this awesome deal. LOL, a little part of me was thinking...."Hmmm, if I don't get it right on this one, I still have another one I can take a second chance at."

I remembered watching Tyler Florence on the foodnetwork make a pot roast on one of his shows. I thought maybe I will find his recipe and give it a try. So, I did and it was DEE licious! I won't type out the recipe here, but will link you up to his so that you can print it out in recipe card form. I slow cooked mine in a stock pot all day on the stove on a low flame. I added celery, carrots, onions in mine. Just like he has in his recipe. A also added potatoes, but did something differently than I usually do and that was to par cook them 20 minutes before we ate and drain them and added them to the roast. I didn't want them to cook all day and be mushy. I also added 1 cup of red wine to mine in place of the water. Between the red wine and the juice from the diced tomatoes there was a nice gravy. The wine gave the roast a fabulous depth of flavor you wouldn't believe. I know, I know, not the liquor again. I tell ya, we don't drink, but we love to cook with it. It just really gives a run of the mill meal a zip.

Okay, without further rambling on, here is the link,1946,FOOD_9936_34947_PRINT-RECIPE-4X6-CARD,00.html

Another night I made meatball subs. I have never eaten a meatball sub, but my kids and hubby have and they love them. So, went on over to foodnetwork again and found a recipe from Giada. I have made lots of her recipes before and they always come out fabulous and tasty, so I knew this would not dissapoint and didn't! The family loved them...even me. Here is her recipe for mini meatballs.,1946,FOOD_9936_28674_PRINT-RECIPE-4X6-CARD,00.html

So, there you go. A couple of tried and true recipes to add to your repitoir (again, not sure of the spelling)

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