Monday, March 09, 2009

Winter blahs...

Yep, I have been having the winter blahs. Not enough warm sunny days for me. Been trying trying to do some decorating in a couple of rooms in my house and I just wasn't inspired. Thing is I was tyrying to do it all on the cheap. Little to no money spent. You know, use what you have and shop my house.

One of the rooms I want to spruce up was our master bath. I finally got inspired on what to do in there. We have a soaker tub that is in a corner and above it is two windows. I wanted to redo the window treatment and add some spa like accessories and paint the vanity black. Well, I chickened out on painting the vanity, but found some spa like accessories that I can put in there. I also was inspired with a window treatment while I was at Homegoods looking for a white duvet for the guest room. That is the other room I wanted to redo. Well, here is my idea for the window treatment over the soaker tub. I saw a lovely quilted , bright white twin quilt at the store and thought..."that would look sooo cool as roman shades over our soaker tub." Well, that meant I had to go price out the ring tape and find a pattern to make roman blinds. A free pattern because I am trying to spend little or no money. Well, it turns out that ring tape is like $1.99/yd at Joanns. Not bad, but still have to find pattern before I go purchase ring tape. So stay tuned for that project. Not a bad price. Now to see if I have anything white like that in our cedar chest.

Now the guest room. I decided to go with a soft color palette in there. All the funiture has wood tones and the walls are wonderful shade of blue. It's slightly darker than robins egg blue. The room is small and I decided to go with white bedding and cottage ticking strip pillow cases and these sweet curtains. (photo courtesy of Country Curtains)

I bought these curtains four years ago when we moved here and now they look great in our guest room. I have an idea that involves some sheets and an old quilt to make my own white duvet cover without having to buy one. I also have a couple of ideas for some sweet accessories to put out that I already have and hopefully guests will find it "A soft place to land" after a long trip.

I have also been working on some baby things. So hopefully I will be able to share photos of all it soon.

Have a great day!

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bumblebeebags said...

I still think you should paint the vanity black. It is amazing how beautiful that makes things!

Cheryl said...

Christina, you know, I really want to. I agree with you. Black just brings a sophistication to the room. I just gotta talk myself into it and JUST DO IT!

Sue said...

What a beautiful picture. Looks like you got it out of a magazine.