Sunday, January 10, 2010

Traveling and photogrpaphy..

Back in November we headed back east to attend a family wedding and visit with family. We drove through a lot of states and logged many miles. I have some photos to share with you and maybe a story or two.

We headed to Florida for the wedding where we enjoyed sunny, beautiful warm weather and got totally spoiled. You see after we attended the wedding We drove to the Eastern Shore of Maryland where it was quite chilly and then from there we headed to Baltimore where it was equally as chilly.

As we drove through North Carolina we were enjoying the tunes from our CD and the good driving weather when we saw this from the highway.

Now, just seeing this might not mean a thing to you. I should of taken a pic of the building to the right of this shot. There was a banner across the building reading "FREE FABRIC" and underneath that said "FABRIC OUTLET." Well, I jokingly said to the hubs, "We have to stop and check it out." To which my fellow partner in crime..(my daughter) said, "Yeah Dad, we have to stop." Mind you I was just kidding around because I knew he wasn't interested in stopping. Daughter on the other hand was serious. Well, imagine my surprise when he took the exit and we went in and scoped out the fabric. The hubs even came in and rummaged through the free fabric bin with the daughter and me too. I couldn't believe it. He was a total sweetheart for stopping and rummaging. Gott love it when they indulge us ladies. Unfortunately the free fabric bin was all dark upholstery weight fabrics. Nothing i was interested in. I did however find some gorgeous fabric to make the roman blinds for our master bath. So stay tuned for that. By the way, this store is in Burlington, NC. If anyone wants the address or phone number or website, drop me an email and I will be happy to share.

One of our other stops was the Billy Graham Museum and Library. Wow, is all I can say. If you live in driving distance of this or will be driving through Charlotte, NC this is a great place to stop. Growing up I knew Billy Graham's name, but never knew the impact he had on so many people or what a powerful speaker he was. It was an absolute privilege to tour the grounds and library to learn more about him and how he brought hope to so many people.

Their home resides here on this property. It wasn't originally built here. It actually was built a couple of miles away from this site. The docent shared with us that it also resided in another spot as well and that the house had been moved twice before it resided at this property.
I love old homes. They have so much character. The hardware , the moldings and you gotta love old kitchens. So simple. No frills. All functionality. I have to admit though, Ruth Graham's kitchen all the functional looks quite charming. Here is a pic of the hardware on the kitchen door. I love old glass door knobs as well as old porcelain ones.

Below you will see a rocker in one of the rooms. I also have a love for anything homemade. I love crocheted blankets and this pattern especially is one of my faves. I think it is called the ripple. It's one pattern I haven't been able to learn. It's on my list though. I hope to make one this winter.

Here is a pic of Ruth's charming kitchen.

and on the other side more cabinetry and the ice box.

Look at these. I love this staircase. I hope to live in an old home someday that has beautiful character and attention to detail in the moldings and hardware.

To the right of this was a barn, and it wasn't just any barn. Take a look. I thought this was so cool. Inside here is a walking tour and a gift shop. It was beautifully dressed for their upcoming Christmas tour with lights and tall Christmas trees. I couldn't get a good pic on the inside. The photos kept coming out dark.
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit here. Walking through the museum and looking at the different exhibits and reading about Billy's life led me to reflect on my own. In 2010, I hope to be a better disciple and better witness for the Lord.

I will leave you with one last photo.

Later in the week I will share with you another stop we made while in Maryland. Its' the B & O railroad museum in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Have a blessed day.
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Susie from Bienvenue said...

Man I wish I would have been your sidekick for the day! Free fabric!!! Yeah~

LuckyStarErin said...

WOW these pictures are awesome! I love old homes and architecture. The glass knobs and hardware are beautiful.

Riviera Boardwalk said...

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Riviera Boardwalk said...

I love this post. I signed up as a follower. If you get a chance, please stop by and sign up.

Sue said...

How very beautiful!