Friday, March 05, 2010

Another beautiful home tour...

We are still busy prepping our house to put on the market. I will share pics sometime in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, enjoy another beautiful home tour.

Meet Andrea of

Andrea and her family live in an old farmhouse in the Midwest. They enjoy living a simple country life. As we tour her home you will see that idea of simple country living reflects how she decorates her home. Everything she uses has a function, but it's also decorative too.

First up on our tour his her bathroom. Unfortunatley, she doesn't have a before photo to share. Previously this bathroom was very dark and had broken tiles. Her hubby is pretty handy as you will see throughout this post. He laid the tile and put up the beadboard. He does most of the DIY and she pretties it up with her vignettes and eye for color and texture .

photo by Andrea of Faded Plains

Love the beautiful color on the wall. Great choice on the tile flooring. That pattern is timeless. Don't you just love the french feel with the chair and that burlap pillow?

Andrea will be the first to say she thinks she doesn't do well with vignettes, but I beg to differ. I think she does quite well. The accessories she added here on these shelves bring interest to this wall without being too overdone. Love the texture of the basket and the starfish leaning up against it. Y'all know I love me some mason jars, especially those old green/blue colored glass ones with the zinc lids. Flowers always add life to a room and it looks like that might be Lavender in there.

photo by Andrea of Faded plains

How many of us have a linen closet that is functional, but lovely too??? Not me, I would be embarrassed to show you mine. Andrea likes the idea of simple living. This linen closet showcases that. I love the use of the white pedastool dish holding soap and the baskets holding towels and extra toiletries for the bathroom. It's the right mix of function with purposeful decor.

photo by Andrea of Faded Plains

Next up is her guest room. She was inspired by Layla over at to stripe her walls.

photo by Andrea of Faded Plains

Look at all that pillow love. I love the mix of fabrics on the pillows and the use of white on the quilt and bolsters. I am really into roman shades now. They do the job to cover the windows, but there is so much yummy fabric out there to make them in. They don't have to be boring. Andrea uses what looks like a bamboo or wood kind. The use of this really brings texture into the room. Once again, she balances function and decorating with fabrics, texture and color.

Well dearies, I hope you enjoyed a tour of Andrea's lovely farmhouse. If you want to be wowed by more rooms click on the links below and tell her "hello." She will be delighted you stopped by.

Here is a link to her guest bath. The use of an old dresser with a sink dropped in on top is beautiful. Do you love clawfoot tubs and old glass bottles? She uses some great accessories in here to hold things like cotton balls and q-tips.

She has the most yummy office space to work in everyday. It gets lots of naturl light. Take a look here. All I can say is if I worked in a space like that, I would be so productive. You will have to click on the link to just be in awe.

Click on this link to see her dining room. She and her hubby really stepped up this room with their ideas and touches. Check out the before pic and all the work they put into it. Window seats are wonderful and they did a great job incorporting them into this room.

I saved the best for last. You are not going to believe that Andrea taught herself to sew three months ago after you take a look at this post. She took on a HUGE project and slipcovered her sectional sofa. I gotta tell you, it looks fabulous. I am so very impressed. Andrea, if you are reading this you so have gotten me motivated to do my slipcover for my wingchair. No more lollygagging here. I need to just do it!

Andrea also sells vintage inspired goods at her shop. She has really unique items. Give her shop a looksee.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and you will stop by Andrea's blog .

Grab a cuppa, you will not be disappointed.

Have a great weekend!

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Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Your such a doll Cheryl...thanks so much! Oh...and I'll be looking for a post sometime on your finished slipcover for your wing chair ;o)

Sue said...

SIGH..... just lovely!

Ruth said...

Thanks for the link to the jellycake giveaway. Also, I so enjoy looking at all homes you feature in your tours. I love all the white trimwork throughout many of these houses.

Sachiko said...

So beautiful, I just want to pack up and move in to her house...

Amy @ said...

I absolutely love the horizontal strips in her guestroom, so pretty.