Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Doing a little of this.....finally.....

I have been busy doing a little of this and am here actually posting about it. I can't remember when I actually shared with you all about some actual quilting that had been going on. You know, it's only part of the title of my blog.

I shared several months back that a friend of mine lost her mom to cancer and had saved a few of her shirts, etc. to be turned into a quilt. It took me a while to figure out how to piece it. I wanted to use the shirts with the graphics on the best I could. So without further adieu...or is it ado???? LOL, I don't know. Here is a pic of the quilt in progress. Just a sneaky sneak peek. : )

On the home front. We had the appraisers, inspectors, realtors all here a week ago. The house looked fabulous. You know the kind of fabulous only we as moms can appreciate right then and then when noone is home to mess it up cause you know good and well as soon as every comes home they WILL LIVE in every room. You ladies can relate to that, right? I should of taken pics then...but I didn't. We have a few things to fix on our inpsect list and then I will post pics .

Spring is here in Illinois finally. I know spring is here when my daffodils come up and come up they did . Not too far behind them came the hyacinths. I love the fullness and deep coloring of the hyacinths. It's still not warm enough yet thought for my hydrangeas yet. Probably won't be till summer till they bloom. I will miss it as we are hoping to be moved by then : ( Ah well, I will have a new house to plant bulbs and shrubs and that is something to look forward to.

I also wanted to take this time to thank those of you that follow my wee li'l blog and welcome and thank the newcomers as well.

Come back later this week I will be hosting "my own" giveaway! I will also be starting a new feature. It will be called Feature Friday. I plan on featuring different things that make me wonder where they came from or how they came about. So, stay tuned for that. I think you will enjoy the first one this Friday.

Well, I have quilting to get done and that crazy dryer in the laundry is beeping . So, it's time to throw in another load.

Have a great day!
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Sue said...

I haven't blogged-read in so long. So happy to catch up with your posts! Love the quilt-in-the-making. The sentiment behind it is so meaningful. Beautiful home tours, too!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Your comment made me rush to Target to see if our Shabby Chic was on luck. Maybe soon..fingers crossed.

TheVirginiaHouse said...

Can't wait to see your link Cheryl! Thanks for always checking in and leaving such sweet comments! People like you make my day brighter!