Friday, April 16, 2010


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Welcome to Feature Friday! Every Friday there will be a different feature and hopefully you will learn something new.

Earlier this week I received a Cath Kidston catalog and saw these in their catalog.

They are called "wellies" or Wellington boots. I wanted to know where they got their name from. Then I got an idea. I thought maybe other people are wondering like me and want to know as well. And that is how Feature Friday came about.

So, where did the name Wellington boots come from? Why do we call them Wellies? What do the original ones look like? Below is a pic of the Duke of Wellington with his boots on.

The first Duke of Wellington named Arthur Wellesly instructed his shoe maker to modify the 18th century Hessian boot after arriving back from defeating Naplolean . He found his boots to be uncomfortable and worn out. The shoe maker was instructed to make a simple modification. The original boot was made out of calfskin leather. The new boot that his shoe maker came up with was made out of rubber; hardwearing, comfy and perhaps lighter than the old Hessian boot. The boot was also treated with wax to make it waterproof. The Duke realized he had a high quality boot for his troops. Soon, these boots were widely used. They played a pivotal role in history. They worn at the Battle of Waterloo and both World Wars.

Today, fashion dictates and you can find wellies in a wonderful array of colors and patterns, but don't be fooled by the beautiful eye candy. A lot of these fashion forward wellies are made of plastic and don't stand the test of time like an original Wellington boot. If choose to buy these plastic ones you will have aching feet. When looking to purchase a Wellington boot. Look for good quality insoles and rubber heals.

Through the years the original Wellie as been updated. You can find the Wellie in fun and funky patterns and colors. Check these out. So, you don't have to sacrafice fashion to be comfy in your Wellies while you garden.
Hope you enjoyed todays Feature Friday. Sunday evening I will post about my giveaway. So check back then.
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