Thursday, February 03, 2011


My camera lense has been on the fritz of late and that's why you haven't seen any posts with my pics.  I do have some projects that I have jotted down on paper that I have dreamed up.  I would love to sit down and sew them up and make them come to life, but I have been doing a bit of this.  Can you guess what it is???

Soundhole on Cash guitar
If you guessed a guitar you are right.  I signed up to take some lessons.  So, in my spare time I have been practicing.

I have also been doing some reading.  I splurged on myself at Christmas and bought myself this book.
I did a review of this book a while back based on flipping through it at Barnes and Noble.  Well, now I have this baby in my  hot little hands and I gotta tell ya hands down this is the best sewing book I have in my sewing library.  Deborah has  step-by-step photos of what she is explaining and it also comes with a CD as well which has patterns on it.  Very well done.  If you don't have this one in your sewing library, you should. 
We are due for some icy type rain this way....maybe even possibly snow. 
Stay safe  and warm wherever you are .
I will be back later this weekend hopefully to share something I have been dreaming up in my head.Pin It Now!

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