Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So, I still have some linen left.  A very little bit. 

I am not sure if I ever mentioned how I acquired it.  Long story short I had an 84 inch linen curtain panel I bought at Target on clearance.  Ended up never using it because our windows here were much longer.

So far, I have made the crochet case holder and the ruler holder that you saw in the previous post and I also made a baby blanket for a new momma at church.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able get a pic of that.  But rest assured it was lovely.  I had backed it with some baby blue chenille.  I loved the feel of the linen and the chenille together.  Hoping to make one for myself to drape over our couch.

If you haven't noticed yet, all my linen projects have been instant gratification projects.  Small projects that I can finish in about an hour.  With the last piece of linen and some scrap fabric I hope to make this.


She used some lovely fabric scraps and I love the measuring tape fabric on there and the button.  But what really makes it sahweet is the word "stitch."  She actually had written this pattern and it was in Australian Homespun magazine.

Hope everyone is having a great week.
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Amy@HomeRemediesRX said...

Who could ever get tired of linen?! What a gorgeous project, I can't wait to see how your turns out...

wedding said...

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this was so beautiful and peaceful and made me happy for you.
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Welcome back. Wonderful photos, wonderful story. So glad you could be there.

Sue said...

Looking for a post...! Whatchya been up to?