Monday, March 31, 2008


Did I mention I like to crochet? Well, I do. I find it incredibly relaxing. Especially when I have found a pattern with well written directions. Here is a pic of a baby blanket I am making for a friend I play BUNCO with.

Here is another. That first one seemed kind of dark. The pattern is a shell stitch. The yarn I am using is so soft. I think it will be a wonderful covering for her babe in the coming summer months.

I also plan to make some bibs and crochet edged flannel blankets too. These are great shower gifts to have on hand. I plan on making this gift set and doing others in different color ways so I always have a gift on hand.

I love handmade gifts. I have saved my childrens baby gifts that were crocheted or quilted. It is especially more sentimental when you have a piece made by a family member that has passed on.

If you need a tutorial or pattern for the chrochet edged blankets check my side bar for Sew Chic blog. They have a great tutorial there for you to use. I believe happythings blog on the side bar also has some tutorials as well as a pattern to make bibs too.
Have a blessed day!

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Sue said...

Oooo what a beautiful baby quilt! It makes for such a nice, personal gift. We still have all the handmade gifts my kids received.