Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Book Review...

Sewing in no time by Emma Hardy is another one of those wonderful books to have in your home sewing library. It's chock full of a variety of projects. Something for every room in the house as well as outside too.
The directions are well written and the step-by-step pictures to go with them are done in the same style as the Romantic Home Sewing book I did a review on a while back.
This gal shows a new way...well, a new way to me on how to put a zipper in a throw pillow. It looks so stinking easy, that I am going to attempt to make them for my family room sofa. I just need to find some nice fabric first. I already have my Joann's coupon. There is also a very cool picnic quilt/blanket to make as well. I was very excited to see this as it very much resembles the ones that SouleMama made last summer. There is even a project in there on how to make those cute fabric liners for the baskets we all love that Pottery Barn and so many other stores sell. There are 59 projects in this book and I have only talked about a few I would like to do. If you are a beginner sewer and you can do a straight stitch then I think you would enjoy this book. After doing a few of the easier ones, you will feel confident to do more.
Happy Sewing!
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Sue said...

I like this book and have made several projects from it. Have fun!