Thursday, May 07, 2009


I love to decorate my home and make it so that it's comfy and inviting. I want people to be able to see that when they come in, there is nothing that is untouchable, that they can sit on the sofa and by ole means, take off your shoes and put your feet up.

So,since I can't throw money around and change my decor on a whim, I like to dream a little. I am inviting you into this dream. I will be redecorating my living room with this sofa from Pottery Barn. Oh and yes, I will take those lovely pillows as well. I love a pop of red. I happen to like that floor lamp too...ha, I will take two of those. I will hang drop cloth drapes. (I know, I need to share a pic with you all of how mine came out)

photo: Pottery Barn

We'll throw in this chunky textured handknit throw from Pottery Barn as well. Only because I believe in one stop shopping. (haha) Hmm, and I will take it in that taupe color.

Photo: Pottery Barn

Now for some accessories. A few of these lanterns for some ambience. Of course, I would have to get at least three in graduated sizes.

I already have a coffee table and end tables I love. But I would love to hang my drop cloth drapes on these cool rods from Country Curtains. They look like bamboo. I love the dark colored ones .

Photo: Country Curtains

I would have some family pictures in some black frames on the wall and the walls would be painted Tobacco Road. What else, let me see...oh, almost forgot a rug.

I like this rug from JCPenney. It's an indoor outdoor rug. I like the pattern on the rug.

Photo: JCPenney

What's that....a knock at the door...oh, the phone is ringing...."Mom, when will dinner be ready?" Okay, I have just been snapped back into reality. It's time to put dinner on the table. Thanks for tagging along with me dreaming about redecorating my living room.

Have a great evening.

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Benazio R.P said...

wow... Those are nice.. I wonder how my house would be like what later... Blogwalking! :D

Sue said...

What fun! I'll come on a decorating trip with you anytime!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Great tastes you have! I have been trying to save for a white slipcovered sofa..Ikea has great prices on them..and several blog ladies say they hold up quite well. LOVE your porch swing...heck love your blog..first time here. cherry

Gen said...

i like day dreaming and window shoppin with ya LOL great choices