Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Do you have any? I have several. I actually collect them. The ones I like the most are the blue/green depression glass ones with the latched lid. I started collecting them a while back when our kids were little. It was something simple and inexpensive to purchase. Secretly, I dreamed of one day learning how to can or "put up" as my hubby's grandmother used to say.

Here is a little history on the Mason jar. They were first invented by John Mason with a screw top lid in 1858. The ones with the screw top zinc type lid are among my second favorite. There is just something about them that draws me to them.

In 1909, the first Ball Blue Book, a primer on home canning was published. You can still buy an updated version of this book today. I actually saw a beautifully illustrated one recently alongside the canning equipment.

In 1933, during the Great Depression, the Ball company does not lay off a single employee. That is amazing to hear. Even in tough economic times, they still produced their jars.

Today, in 2009, the Ball mason jar celebrates its 125th anniversary. There is an actuall exhibit you can see in Indiana at the Minnetrista Cultural Center in Muncie. So, if you live nearby and want to view the exhibit, they will be on display until August 23rd.
Here are a few of my collection:

Love those blue /green with the zinc lids. I was very lucky to find those two for a very good price at an antique store in PA. The other two with the latched lids I found at another antique store in the Poconos in PA.

These are some newer ones that I have used in the past for a myriad of things. One thing I have done was to fill them up with potpourri and place a glass votive holder in the top. Smells good and you can have the ability to have the candle too. Another thing I use the newer ones for is gifts. I have lots of gifts in a jar recipes. Everything from cookies to soup that you can layer up beautifully in these jars and give as gifts. Another thing they are great for is sipping some cool sweet tea from.
So, until I learn how to can or "put up", I will share some gift in a jar recipes. Tomorrow, I will share a pancake mix gift in a jar, soup, cookies and of course, sweet tea!
Have a blessed day!

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Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

What a great history of these jars! I also have a few of the bluish colored ones, and really love them! Also wanted to say Thanks for the birthday wishes you left me yesterday :)!!

Gen said...

I love the blue/greenish too i have several of different sizes with zinc lids. Can't wait to see ur recipe in a jar recipes my friend gave me some dreamsicle cookie mixes in one for christmas they were oh so yummy i might try some for gifts this christmas.