Sunday, April 26, 2009


It's been wonderful weather here and we have been actually taking advantage of it. We've been out on a picnic and even had to mow the lawn already. The buds on the trees have bloomed and my bulbs have come up as well. We've enjoyed the daffodils and the Crocus.(not sure of the spelling) It's a beautiful flower though.

I have been busy spring cleaning our....basement! Yeah, I know, not the most favorite spring cleaning area to do. But I am happy with the work that is getting done. I have organized things, set things aside for a yard sale and thrown lotsa stuff out already. I used to homeschool until my kids got up to high school, so we have lots of homeschooling stuff I am looking to get rid of. Email me if you are looking for something in particular. I just may have it. I have lots of ABEKA stuff, lots of novels. We love to read. So, english and lit were big classes for us.

Off to enjoy the rest of the beautiful day. Hope it's beautiful wherever you are today.
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