Thursday, April 02, 2009


A real quick update on the class.

First of all, I have to say that I am just blessed. When I took my first quilt class I had the privilege of learning how to quilt by the sweetest lady. She was very patient and made learning all the ins and outs of quilting fun. The other night wasn't any different. While it was a different quilt shop and instructor, I was blessed again. Lucky for me and Karen (the other willing to learn student) were the only ones in the class, so it was nice to get one on one instruction as we needed it. Karen and I were a wee bit frustrated at first, but by the time the class ended we were having fun and almost done making our first cathedral window. You see, there was lots of hand sewing and precision ironing and you had to be quite meticulous about it. I think we only used the sewing machine for two seams and that was it. I am in love with making this pincushion and I can see there will be many others in the future. I was amazed by how easy it came together.

I am planning on doing a step by step tutorial sometime in the next few months to take the mystery out of it for all of those out there in blog land. There will be step by step pictures of each step with written instructions. I know I am a very visual person and I appreciate it when there is picturesof each step and how things should look. Nothing will be left out so you can make these little beauties to your hearts content.

I hope to have sometime tonight to finshing hand sewing it and post it tomorrow.

Now I am off to clean, do laundry...LOL, you all know the drill. If you are reading this, you are probably like me trying to avoid doing dished, laundry, etc.

Have a great day!Pin It Now!

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Sue said...

Ha! How right you are, as I guiltily sit here knowing I've got to get dinner going! Can't wait to see your completed pin cushion!