Monday, April 06, 2009


I am still working on my baby gift for a friend of mine.

Below you will see a pic of a fleece blanket that I am crocheting and edge on. I bought a skip stitch rotary blade to be able to make the cuts in the fleece to allow me to crochet the edge on. Actually, I bought two blades. One for cutting fleece and one for cutting flannel. As you can see by the pink yarn, my friend had a baby girl.

I plan on making her some burp cloths with this yummy material and some prefolds I bought. I love chenille and flannel. So soft.

This fabric will be making an appearance again. I have quite a bit of it left over from making the toiletrie bag for dd. So keep an eye out for a project being made with this fabric.
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Sue said...

Huh... a skip stitch rotary blade? I've never heard of one. Is that how you get the holes in? I crocheted an edge on the kid's socks and poked holes in as I went along. I've got to look into that. What a great thing! Where do you buy one from?

Ruth said...

I'm going to google the skip stitch blade. It sounds like something I would use a lot!

Kris C. said...

How well do these stitch blades work? That sounds WONDERFUL!!!