Saturday, September 12, 2009

LINKY LOVE Saturday!

I been surfing again.

Here are some links to some sewing, quilting or home dec blogs that I think you might like. Lots of cool projects on this site. Most of the projects are pdf's, but some have videos on how to sew the projects. Love this, as I am a visual kind of gal.

Kathryn over at has an enjoyable blog. Go through her archives and give her a looksee.

Deb over at has a delightful blog. She dabbles into a little bit of everything; knitting, sewing. She also has a shop where she sells her handmade goods. You can find it here: makes the cutest peg bags to hang on your line for when you are hanging your laundry.

OOh, and here is a really cool link to If you got little ones ready for a toddler bed, then this link is for you. She gives great step-by step directions and pics. You have got to see this one.

We are almost done with our deck staining project. We've been blessed with some cool weather, so , we are getting it done. I will post pictures on Tuesday.Pin It Now!

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